Blaptica Dubia

When we talk about the gender of Blaptica insects, we talk about a group of cockroaches that are considered giant.

In this group of cockroaches, some can grow up to 9cm, making their care need to be more delicate, since they usually die a week after making their last molt.

The dubia blaptica species, like the others belonging to this genus, are used as live food by many insectivorous animals.

And given that these animals have been appearing on people’s favorite pet lists, many are in need of raising their own cockroaches in order to feed their pets.

Blaptica dubia roaches

The cockroach blaptica dubia is from some countries of South America, and these have been distributed throughout the world to feed various insectivorous animals.

There are still places where their use is prohibited, since the government entities of these sites require some care with these animals, since they proliferate very quickly, and if they are allowed, they can become an important pest within houses and establishments.

For these reasons, in other countries or regions, they use other species of cockroaches for live food, such as the Turkestan cockroach, the discoid cockroach, and others.

These animals, like other cockroaches, are full of dangerous bacteria at different levels for humans, so it is necessary to take care that they do not escape from farms to avoid problems.

Blaptica dubia care

Dubia cockroaches can reach an approximate size of 1.8 inches if they are raised under the necessary conditions.

For these cockroaches to reproduce at high speed and grow healthy, it is necessary to provide them with certain aspects that will accelerate these processes.

An average humidity of 40% to 50% will be ideal for these cockroaches to be comfortable inside a terrarium. In turn, you should take care that the temperature does not fall or exceed 24ºC to 35ºC.

The terrarium should be divided with cardboard boxes, which allows cockroaches to have hiding places and feel safer when procreating.

If you want your dubia cockroaches to grow to their maximum size, you must provide them with enough space and take care that each of these aspects that we have named you are within the levels

Blaptica dubia food

Dubia cockroaches have long been used by people to feed animals such as bearded dragons, spiders, lizards, and other insectivorous animals.

Dubia cockroaches provide these animals with the necessary nutrients to grow and eat a healthy diet.

On the other hand, providing your exotic pets with live food will help them maintain a hunting instinct even if they remain in captivity.

With a dubia cockroach farm, you can have an almost inexhaustible source of live food for your pet. For every female cockroach you have, you will get at least about 40 young cockroaches every month.

Blaptica dubia roaches life cycle

Most cockroaches have a similar life cycle, and once they reach sexual maturity they live up to two years.

These cockroaches can begin to reproduce from 4 to 5 months, and each female can give birth throughout her life about 800 cockroaches if they take good care of themselves.

In order to procreate, females release pheromones capable of attracting males and once it deposits their sperm in the female cockroach, it will take 28 to 30 days for it to give birth.


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