Australian Roaches

Australia is one of the strangest places on the planet. Without a doubt it is a very beautiful and touristic place, with interesting animals like the kangaroos, the Ornithincos or the Equidnas, however something that without a doubt I believe that nobody wants to imagine is that in such an exotic place there are bugs like the Australian cockroaches.

These monstrous bugs are horrible beings, with a terribly ugly color and an enormous size and structure in relation to their versions of other places on earth. With this in mind, the best thing you should do to avoid finding these animals is to read the following article. This way you will know everything about them, including the places where they usually appear and how to eliminate them.

About australian native cockroaches

australia roaches

The main thing you can do to recognize insects in this part of the world is to locate their thorax. Unlike other species that have a more flattened and stylized version, the Australians have a completely rounded thorax with a yellowish color on the edge of their wings, this being also a big difference in comparison to the dark brown/brown color of the rest of the species. It tends to be in places where its fellow species would not usually be, such as under the kitchen oven or on sofas. This is because they are warmer places that is the climate that these animals prefer for their reproduction.

Another characteristic that differentiates this insect from the rest is its diet, prefer foods with high starch content and fats and sugars, and can eat from leather to glue. Both nymphs and adults live in the bark of dead trees and feed on them, when introduced into homes the most important food is starch glue binding.

How to Kill Australian Cockroaches

They produce odorous secretions that can affect the taste of food. Your excrements, as well as parts of your body, may contain a high number of allergens that in sensitive people can cause hives, sneezing or severe tearing.

One of the things you can do to avoid this is to eliminate cockroaches using boric acid. As mentioned earlier, these cockroaches consume quite strange things in comparison to the rest of bugs. That’s why you can put boric acid in your favorite foods. This way the bugs will die without knowing exactly what killed them.


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