Asian Roaches

Asia is a very exotic and interesting continent and within that exoticism is something very curious but not so pleasant: the Asian cockroach. Yes, as you read.This is a species of cockroach that was discovered relatively recently (to be more exact it was discovered in 1981, less than fifty years ago). Because of its relatively short discovery you probably have no idea what it looks like, let alone what it would look like if it were to be in your home.

How to Get Rid Asian Roaches

However, all you need is to continue reading and in the following paragraphs we will explain how to get rid of this horrible animal.

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Asian roaches Texas

Texas is one of the states with the highest electricity consumption in the United States. This has a lot to do with the appearance rate. Why? It has a relationship with the fact that the cockroach is attracted by the presence of electric light unlike its cousins from other species.

The rest of bugs and insects of this species feel a complete aversion to light, wanting to get away from it at all costs and hiding in dark and humid places, this vermin love light and feel an attraction to them, so it is normal to see them near light bulbs.

This species as well as the rest of species of this annoying insect feeds on practically all kinds of things that it finds, however mainly, its diet is based on the vegetation of orchards, especially the floral orchards, fruit trees and even the insects that attack the plants. However, although the latter seems to be beneficial, it can represent the beginning of an infestation so it is ideal to eliminate them as soon as they are identified.

Asian roaches Florida

Another state where these animal tend to appear is the state of Florida, the reason is the amount of moisture found in the environment, which makes it the ideal place for them to develop and grow.

The Asian sub-species of these animals love humidity (since they were discovered on okinawa, a fairly humid and hot Japanese island) so it is not uncommon to discover that when they arrived in the United States they decided to make their home in one of the warmest and wettest states in the country. Therefore, in summer it may be advisable to start looking for signs of their presence to eliminate them all at once.

Asian roaches vs german cockroach

These cockroaches have a number of similarities to German ones, however they have certain differences that make them completely different:

  • First and foremost, Asian cockroaches are a little larger than German cockroaches, measuring just over half the size of a German one.
  • Second: Its color is lighter.
  • They prefer to nest in humid and hot areas, as opposed to cold spaces where German ones usually make their nests.
  • Finally: They prefer to make their nests outside the houses, in full view of the people. The Germans, on the other hand, prefer to make their nests indoors, in dark places that no one can see.

Asian cockroaches fly?

The simple answer: Yes. The long answer: Yes, of course. These cockroaches have that particularity, unlike other variables, their wings are as strong as those of a butterfly so they can fly and fly relatively easily. This is even more implied if there is a light source close to a considerable height. In such a case, they will do everything possible to reach such a light source. It is quite common to see them flying around light bulbs on.


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