Are Roaches Nocturnal?

According to an old study by the Complutense University of Madrid, up to 4,000 different species of cockroaches can be found in an average home, no matter how clean it is. In addition, for every cockroach you see, there are an average of 100 hidden.

This has a great variety of explanations, however the main one is quite simple: Cockroaches are animals that manage to hide in a wide variety of places, their survival capabilities make them animals that cannot be detected by almost anyone. In addition, they are animals that only go hunting at night (yes, they are nocturnal.)

night roaches

How to find them at night.

Cockroaches are essentially nocturnal and very lazy (they spend 75 % of the day resting). As they prefer heat, it is easier to see them in summer, although they actually live 4 to 8 months. And besides being quite horrifying, they can cause serious health consequences. These terrible bugs can carry 40 species of bacteria and are responsible for outbreaks of gastroenteritis, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, dysentery or even typhus. It is not surprising, then, that 25% of what people spend on insecticides is only for cockroach killers. (However most of them don’t work well)

The easiest way to identify cockroaches at night can be done late at night. Using a flashlight, pass the beam of light through most of the furniture in your home. These bugs are extremely sensitive to light, so if they feel the slightest particle of light on their receptors in the skin will begin to flee, letting you see where it is that is their nest and can then find the origin of all your problems. You can place traps at the base of most furniture to let the light when they fall into the trap almost immediately.

Kill them at night.

As they have their most active time during the dark, you can bait those using leftover foods and sweet things combined with boric acid or other kinds of poison. This way the bugs will be desperate for food will completely eat anything in their path, consuming boric acid and dying immediately. Other alternatives to boric acid can be the use of things like laurel or catnip. This way you can use them to eliminate all the bugs during their time of dark activity. Another place to look for these insects at night is in the bathroom or in damp places.


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