Albino Roaches

Many types of animals have uncommon characteristics, some have foreign body parts such as the platypus and its beaver tail with duck beak, others have foreign body sizes such as the giraffe with its long neck and equally thin legs, and others have simply strange colors such as albino animals. These are completely white and have red pupils.

roaches albino type

Yes, as you heard. It’s probably the closest you’ll find to a ghost. Despite its extravagant color, it is not an evolutionary advantage, on the contrary, it is a genetic error. Are there bugs with these characteristics?

The short answer is: No, there are no bugs with these characteristics. However, you may encounter what looks like a white insect, what is the reason for this? The answer will surprise you.

Albino dubia roach

Albino cockroaches are not a new species of insects, but the common bug during its molting process, which should receive the proper insect control treatment in order to eliminate the bugs, and prevent the plague from spreading throughout the area.

The visualization of clear cockroaches is directly related to the life cycle of these domestic pests, which experience three molts or stages (egg, nymph and adult). The newly changed nymphs are white or albino, as they popularly say, because they have not yet acquired the necessary pigmentation. Clear cockroaches gradually darken in a few hours, acquiring their own color tone. It is likely that near the white bug is the dark shell that covered the insect until now, which has just come off, following the natural maturation process. To find the bug without pigmentation is to have enough fortune (of the good or of the bad really) because this course is relatively short. For this reason it is impossible that white cockroaches exist, since in reality they are only and simply recently molted insects that are in the process of metamorphosis.

Albino roach worth

By establishing that such animals do not exist, the true value of white in the misnamed “albino cockroaches” is merely a sign that they are ready for their reproductive period. Prior to this phase, these bugs were not sexually mature, however after their third molt process, the bugs are now completely ready to reproduce properly. With this in mind, observing white version of this animal can be a bad sign, as it means that you can form a nest in your home (otherwise it is already established and the insect you wear is part of a second, third or even fourth generation).

The best way to remove it is to place boric acid on your dead or newly molted skin. This is because this skin is just the main source of food for the insect, as it contains all the nutrients it needs for its development. However, if you poison it and they consume it, it will never be able to grow properly, since it will die intoxicated first. With that said, just simply put the poison in that place and forget about the problem.


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